The Fire Brigade Museum of Manfredonia at the Expolevante in Bari with the 1918 BL18 litter box

The Historical Museum of Firefighters and the Italian Red Cross among the protagonists of the ExpoLevante in Bari thanks to an exceptional piece brought away on the occasion of the prestigious exhibition: the 1918 BL18 stretcher.
The vehicle, in all its splendour, is proudly displayed in the pavilion of the period vehicles by the Club dell'Automobile Antica e della Carrozza, attracting crowds of families and onlookers.
On display until 25 April, to then return to Manfredonia at the Firefighters Museum, the Fiat 18 BL litter car was the architect of the Italian victory in the Great War and was one of the ambulances driven by the writer Ernest Hemingway in 1918.
Il Museo dei Pompieri di Manfredonia all'Expolevante di Bari con l'autolettiga BL18 del 1918
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