• For the schools

    For an experience with a strong educational, play and cultural meaning.
  • For family

    A tour for everyone, as a moment to be shared with the family.
  • For our 4-legged friends

    For all those who want to visit the museum with their pet.
  • For private events

    The museum will be a great background for making any event truly unique


  • Our history

    There is an authentic and enchanted place in Manfredonia where stories of real people who have dedicated their lives to fighting fire and first aid are told. This place is the Historical Museum of Firefighters and the Italian Red Cross.

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  • The tour

    The entire itinerary of the museum is full of memory and full of testimonies. It's like taking a dive into the past and being pervaded by that fascination and wonder with which as children we used to look at this world of heroes with eyes full of enthusiasm.

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  • Strength Points

    Uniforms, exhibits, medals, publications, vehicles and equipment, many of which are unique in the world. A continuous search for the most precious and important relics that make it one of the largest, most complete and spectacular museums of its kind in Europe.

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  • The Gargano motorcycle tour arrives at the Fire Brigade and Italian Red Cross Museum in Manfredonia...

  • Years later, the great "Pompieropoli" event, loved by children, finally returns...

  • The historical fire brigade museum is looking for personnel who meet the following requirements...

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