A dream come true

“Tell me and I will forget, Teach me and I will remember, Let me participate and I will learn”.

Benjamin Franklin

With this quote from the famous scientist and founding father of the United States, every visitor is welcomed into the Historical Museum of Firefighters and the Italian Red Cross. And it is in this motto that the profound meaning of the realization of Michele Guerra's dream is contained. A dream that for over fifty years has chased with an almost spasmodic search both in Italy and abroad of thousands of finds - many of which are unique in the world - which have written the history of these glorious Bodies dedicated to the fight against fire and emergency room.

The birth of the museum

The idea that led me to create this marvelous work, one of a kind in the world, dates back to 1968, during the famous hot autumn, when I was still a youngster working on the assembly line of the Fiat Mirafiori workshops No. 17 in Turin .One night, while I was involved in the production of the bodies of the 850 and 128 models, I witnessed the atrocious end of two young press maintenance operators and in that moment of sadness I thought that it was not possible to continue working in those safe conditions and worker health.

Driven by the emotional reaction of these tragic episodes, Michele Guerra founded Euroambiente in the 80s: a company focused on safety and health in the workplace. In a short time, this small local excellence crosses the borders of the territory to expand throughout Italy.

On 1 July 2017 Michele Guerra completes this incredible "Temple of safety and prevention", inaugurating the Citadel of Safety and Training , which houses the Euroambiente headquarters and the Historical Museum of Firefighters and the Italian Red Cross.

If at first, the Museum had the didactic purpose as its main purpose and was used to educate the figures of fire prevention and rescue which were obligatorily present in all companies, today it is an important place of memory that tells the story of these two glorious Bodies .

Heritage to be passed on

Knowing about the heroic actions of firefighters and the Italian Red Cross is a precious testimony to the work of intervention and aid for others. A historical and cultural heritage that is unique and unrepeatable, to be passed onto new generations in order to keep the topic of prevention, safety and training alive and in the news, and to not forget those tragic moments that have left their mark on so many people’s lives. Entering the museum is a bit like rediscovering the history of these Corps and of Italy: from a new, different point of view. It is Michele Guerra who guides us along the entire path of the Museum. Over 3000 items - perfectly preserved - tell us how the fire emergency service once worked: from the time of the call to returning to base. Each place has been meticulously designed by Michele Guerra and reconstructed by the Siponto craftsman - the shipwright Antonio Berardinetti. The staging of the exhibition leaves everyone surprised: adults, young people and children.

The story of Mario Trematore

The architect and official Mario Trematore was the one who in the night between 11 and 12 April 1997 rescued the Holy Shroud from the flames, which sent a large part of the magnificent 17th century Chapel of Guarino Guarini up in smoke .

He currently holds the honorary position of Scientific Director of the Historical Museum of Firefighters and the Italian Red Cross of Manfredonia without receiving any compensation.