Manfredonia, the curtain rises on the Museum of Firefighters and the Italian Red Cross.

MANFREDONIA - The Historical Museum of Firefighters and the Italian Red Cross captured the attention of over one million viewers on Raiuno during the episode of "C'è tempo per..." aired on Rai channels in recent days. Two connections with the journalist Paolo Notari from the Museum during the broadcast conducted in the studio by Beppe Convertini and Anna Falchi.

In recent months, due to the various and interesting events organized, the fame and spectacularity of the museum had landed several times on Rai, thus inducing Paolo Notari, who had already had the opportunity to visit the museum in the past, to return with his cameras to the extraordinary cultural container unique in the world of its kind.

Sharing the enthusiasm of Michele Guerra, owner and creator of the museum dedicated to firefighters and the largest red cross in Europe, from the museum is his friend and mentor Antonio Michele Ruggiero, who only a few months ago prophesied the television success of the important cultural container of the Pontine area.

"Look what the former firefighter Michele Guerra managed to do," commented Notari, showing the cameras what over time has become an important historical and cultural point of reference for the city of Manfredonia. A life, that of Guerra, spent recovering materials and means in every part of Europe to the point of realizing with commitment, ingenuity and stubbornness this priceless heritage that many people are slowly learning to appreciate well beyond regional borders.

The Historical Museum of Firefighters and the Italian Red Cross has a covered area of 2,500 square meters and among the over 3,000 exhibits on display, including vans, boats and very detailed reconstructions of historical fires, its rooms breathe the courage and extraordinary passion in work performed by the fire brigade. "My love for firefighters and everything that concerns them is born thanks to my work," explains Guerra, owner of a well-established company that has been dealing with occupational safety for over 30 years. The permanent exhibition is an integral part of the "citadel of security and training" created by Guerra in the D46 industrial area, south of the city along the state road leading to Foggia. «Paolo Notari called the director of Rai to tell how beautiful the museum was, telling him that in the 32 years that he has been doing this job he has never seen anything like it»
Manfredonia, si alza il sipario sul Museo dei pompieri e della Croce rossa italiana.
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