The historical museum of the Fire Brigade and the Italian Red Cross of Manfredonia, in order to optimize its staff, is looking for personnel who meet the following requirements:
- Qualifications: graduates in Archaeology, History of Art or Cultural Heritage or graduates in disciplines relating to museum objects can apply for the job offer;
- Possession of a tourist guide licence.
- excellent propensity to work in contact with the public;
- flexibility, precision and reliability;
- maximum availability to carry out one's work even on holidays and in the evenings;
- knowledge of the English language;
- previous experience in the role is appreciated;
- digital skills and skills with information and communication technologies;
- skills and familiarity with Facebook, Instagram, etc.;
- ability to carry out programming work;
- use of computers to find, evaluate, store, produce, present and exchange information as well as to communicate and participate in collaborative networks via the Internet;
- availability to work on holidays and days before holidays to be deducted with compensatory rest if normal working hours are exceeded;
- availability to maintain interpersonal relationships with adults and children;
- possession of a type "B" driving licence;
- self-control.

- the employment contract for entertainment workers will be applied:
- daily duration of work distributed over 6 days for a total of 24 hours of work per week;
Interested parties can send their curriculum vitae to the address: or call 0884541995 - 3400852706
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